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Check in is 3 pm.  Please don't try to check-in early unless already arranged as the cleaners need this time to prepare the home for your arrival.

-          Please call owner Denise with your estimated time of arrival and when you’re on your way to the house at 808 250-1208. She will arrange to meet you or give you the code the front door to enter the property.

-      Only the confirmed number of guests are allowed on the property.  We do not allow more than 10 guests at any time.  We do not allow parties on the property.  This includes weddings or receptions.

-          Be considerate to your new neighbors! Quiet hours are from 9 pm to 8 am, during which time the noise from the home shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors.  Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would be otherwise associated with a residential area.           Your new neighbors are intolerant of noise and will call the Police if you have parties or make loud noises. If the Police are called we may lose our permit to do vacation rentals; you will be immediately evicted, will lose your damage deposit, and may be held liable for consequential damages.

-      Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries is prohibited.

-      Vehicles shall be parked in the designated onsite parking area which is on the concrete drive way and on the Grass Crete please do not park on the street.

-          This unit comes equipped with high speed wireless Internet Access through Time Warner Cable. In case of a power outage the house phone will not operate. If you have not rented the entire house you will be sharing the phone use with the other guests.

-          Observe the Hawaiian style by removing your shoes before entering.

-          Clean any spills up immediately.  Do not cut Pineapple or any citrus directly on the granite countertops, use dishware or cutting board provided.

-          Do not sit on furniture in wet swimsuits or with suntan oil on.

-          Wash all sand off before entering the building using the hose outside.

-          Do not flush sanitary products down the toilets or put food down the garbage disposal.

-          Turn off all AC units, lights and fans while out to conserve energy.

-          No Smoking in the unit.

-      If your stay involves moving from one level to another please make sure items stay at their designated levels.

-          Trash collection is Tue and Fri early morning. The Trash bin with wheels must be pulled out onto street the night before. Help keep Maui beautiful by recycling. Recycling trash cans have been provided for this purpose.  We will empty the recycle bin after your stay


-           Follow these Checkout Procedures to Avoid an Extra Cleaning Fee Checkout time is 11:00 am. If you plan to check out early, please call Denise at 808 250-1208. Due to the short period of time we may have to prepare house for the next guests please wash and dry most of the towels.  If you can start bed linens this is helpful as well, you do not have to fold laundry.  We understand this may be inconvenient but it's necessary so that we can have the home ready before the next guests arrive at 3:00pm. Take out the trash.  Load and turn dishwasher on normal wash, do not over fill with dishwashing detergent. Turn off all lights, AC and fans. Close and lock all doors. Leave the keys on kitchen bar or in lockbox (if applicable).

-            Please, check your car for any items that are supposed to remain at the house. 


We want to thank you in advance for your attention to our house rules.  We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a wonderful stay!


Helicopter ride

Snorkel Molikini/Whale Watch Dec-May


Drive to Hana/Drive Maui

Find your favorite beach/snorkel with green sea turtles


Just about every beach with rocky outcropings and good reef off shore has turtles.  One of the best places if you dont mind a bit of a swim is Makena Landing.  Most of the snorkel boats go here on there snorkel tours but you can see it from shore.  As you face the easy beach entry follow the reef to the right and follow the unerwater ridge that goes out to sea where the snorkel boats are ancored at the point.


Regarding Hawaiian sea turtles and reef etiquette:

Maui turtles our federally protected. You usually will see green sea turtles on your snorkel excursions. They are called green sea turtles because their meat is green when freshly cut open. If you get to see a hawksbill turtle you are very lucky as there are only a couple hundred (maybe less) left on the islands. A hawksbill turtle has a sharper hawk like hooked beak on the front of its mouth. You are not to harass any sea turtle in any way. Because of this protection it is likely you will be able to see them while you snorkel and approach closely as long as you do so slowly while respecting the turtles space. Keep in mind they must come up to breath so don’t hover above them. They can stay down for hours if asleep but usually only are down 15 to 30 minutes during the day. When they are resting on the surface you can approach from the side fairly closely but the big nono is touching a turtle and god forbid holding on to one! Touching a turtle is a federal offense and can result in fines and imprisonment. Sounds like I am going overboard here but keep in mind there are hundreds of thousands of snorkelers every year all wanting to get up close and personal. It doesn’t take much imagination to consider the impact this makes on the animals and the reef. The other big nono is standing on the reef, even if it seems like only rock. Coral polyps get crushed when touched and are very slow growing. Even if there does not seem to be coral where your standing you will be with other plant and animal life so please what ever you do don’t stand on the reef or let your fins touch. Many Mahalo’s. If you get a cut accidentally brushing up against the reef it is important that you use antiseptic on the wound to avoid infection. Loren recommends 'triple antibiotic ointment found in any grocery store. It does not matter the brand as long as it says 'triple antibiotic'.


One of our favorite walks and a great way to check out the beaches close to the house is to start at Kamaole III state beach, straight down Keonekai Rd. from house, and walk south along a path that takes you on the sand and through unique walkways in front of the major resorts of Wailea all the way to the Fairmont Kea Lani in Makena! Stop and explore the many resorts on the way and then take a taxi back. If your ready for lunch and an Irish beer after your walk go up from the Fairmont hotel to the sports pub Mulligan's on the blue golf course of Wailea. This is one of Loren's favorite lunch spots.


Mahalo - Thank you
Makai - Toward the sea (as in directions)
Mauka - Toward the inland (as in directions)
Haole (how-lee) - White or Caucasian person
Pupus - Snacks or appetizers
Pau (pow)- Finished, done for the day
Keiki (kay-kee)- Child or children
Kiawe (kee-ah-vee) - Thorny tree from Australia found on many beaches
Ono - Delicious, tasty, savory. also a type of fish
Hale (Ha-lay)- House or building


Aloha: Everyone has heard the word "aloha" but many don't understand the meaning of the word. Few realize there is much more to the word than how Hawaiians say hello and good-bye. Literally, there are many more definitions to the word: Love, compassion, pity, charity, kindness, and lover to name a few. Distilled, "aloha" is the good spirit of the people. The positive spirit. When you see local bumper stickers that ask, "Got Aloha?" or read, "Live Aloha," it's not a tourist gimmick as some think. It's a plea for people to live by the Golden Rule.


The closest beach from the house, and not so known, is Keawekapu beach. Mornings are best especially in the summer when trade winds pick up in the afternoon and the beach sand may sand blast you.

To get there from the house take Alaume St. to Ohina St turn right immediately turn left on Aukahi St. That dead ends into Kauhale St. turn left. That dead ends into Kilohana Dr. turn right. Just before it dead ends into Lower Kihei Rd. parking is on left. Walk across Lower Kihei Rd. and go right to public pathway to beach.


A great grass park and beautiful sand beach with lava rocks jutting out, one of our favorites, is Kamaole III state beach and park straight down Keonekai Rd. from house. This is where we like to play bocce ball on the grass park. Call Denise cell at 808 250-1208 if the bocce ball set is not at the house and we will drop it off for you.


Our favorite beach is Big Beach at Makena State Park which has got soft deep sand and the water is usually nice for swimming. Be careful if there is large surf. Even the small waves can sweep you off your feet and give you a good pounding due to the waves breaking in shallow water. One of the best views of any beach is a top the point to the North of big beach, all the way to the right as you face the water…if you don’t mind a little rock ascent to the point the view is tremendous, great for photos. Little beach is on the other side of this point and is swimming suit optional.


You will notice in the guest comment section everyone loves going to Po'olenalena Beach just down the way in Makena. Perfect for the entire family and easy access to your car.


One of the best things about Maui is all the variety it has to offer. It is definitely an island to drive and explore. Scenery changes, outer island views change and are discovered as you drive around the island. If you don’t mind driving and exploring you’re going to be in for a treat. Driving on a 2 wheel vehicle whether it is a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle is a bit of a different story. Since there are so many people visiting taking in the sights and everybody crossing the streets to get to the beach or their hotel… you get the picture it can be hazardous on a two wheel vehicle. Our only suggestion is if you decide to do these…be slow and careful. We love to rent a Harley for the weekend and go for a ride but we know the effort it takes to try to always drive safely. There has been a rise in motorcycle deaths and serious moped injuries in the last few years because of the high risk that is inherent to driving a 2 wheel vehicle on the island. So if you’re on two wheels be extra safe. Mopeds are allowed to use the bike lane and most moped accidents happen from a car driver turning into a driveway while the moped driver is passing traffic in the bike lane…This is a recipe for disaster. We have had friends with serious injuries from riding in this fashion. With regards to mopeds our advice is to never drive faster than ongoing traffic even if you can get away doing so in the bike lane and make sure you provide enough braking distance as a car can usually stop much faster.


In one word…YES The island has so much to offer even a few miles from our home…Look online for very reasonable rates by the week. We recommend you have a rental car for your entire stay. We recently heard of an unadvertised special at where you can rent a older car cheap.


What’s the most informative web site about Maui, activities, and great maps?

Also check out the free activity guide books in front of the shops and restaurants there are also great coupons in these books.

What’s the cheapest way to book activities?

First take a quick look in the tourist brochures and magazines located at the front of most shopping areas for coupons. Also you can call direct and ask for their direct booking discount. But by far the cheapest activities are when you agree to go to a timeshare presentation. This is how it works with almost every activities booking agency on Maui. They are there to provide activities at a discount. The way they do this is by convincing you to go to a timeshare presentation; there are many to choose from. In Maui these presentations can save in hundreds of dollars when you book activities which the timeshare pays for. This is why you will probably find the best prices through an activities booking agent because almost all of them are there to encourage you to view a timeshare. The reason people go this route is because of the savings on your activities which can be substantial but keep in mind it may be valuable time away from your vacation. We recommend Rob Robb 888 232-5235 Even if you decide not to do a timeshare presentation they can usually provide prices cheaper than the rack rate because of the special incentives given from the vendors for large volume. You can research different activates online and book with Rob by going to make sure you tell Rob Loren sent you. 


Maui Revealed is the best in our opinion and is provided at our house but if you want to plan ahead, because there is so much to learn and do, we recommend you purchase one before your vacation. Go to There are many other specialty books depending on your interests such as hiking etc. Check out Maui Dive Shop’s ‘Maui Dive and Surf Magazine for great tips and maps.


Our house is located on the South portion of the island in the town of Kihei (Kee hay). We are located in South Kihei. Further to the South is the resort area of Wailea (Why lay ah). South of Wailea is Makena (Ma ken ah) with its beautiful beaches. Wailea and Makena are only a few minutes away. All of this side of the island faces the West and is considered the leeward side. The airport and the town of Paia (Pie ee ah) and Hana (Hon ah) are on the windward side which typically has rougher seas.


As you look at the ocean from the top deck of our house you are viewing the island of Lanai. (la nigh)To the left as you face the ocean is Wailea to the right is Maalaea (Ma ah lye ah) and than Lahaina (La hi nah ) which is called the West side. Maalaea is about 15 minutes away and Lahaina is 40 minutes to and hour depending on traffic. The mountains you see to your right are called West Maui Mountains. The huge mountain behind our house is Haleakala (Ha lee aka lah) Crater which you can drive to the top of 10,000 feet high. Maui is called the Valley Isle because of the valley between these two mountains which is mostly sugar cane crops. You passed through this valley to get to our house from the airport.


As you face the ocean the stores and restaurants of Kihei are to the right of you heading to the North. There are two roads that run to North Kihei - upper Piilani Hwy behind you and probably the road you used to get to the house from the airport and lower South Kihei Rd that runs along the ocean. Lower Kihei Rd is what you use to see everything and drive at a slow pace. Upper Piilani Hwy (only goes 40 mph) is the faster way to get from one end of town to the other.


Maps are provided in almost all the tourist brochures and magazines that are free of charge at the front of most shopping areas. There are also great coupons in these books so check them out before you go shopping or book activities. If spend your time searching you can often find ½ off specials (buy one get one free).

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