Loren and Denise’s

The top 5 things werecommend to do on Maui are:
Helicopter ride

Snorkel/Dive/Whale Watch Dec-May


Drive to Hana/Drive Maui

Find your favorite beach/snorkelwith green sea turtles

There is a reason they say Maui NoKo Oui – Maui is the best…let me tell you a few reasons why.


1: Helicopter ride

Take the long tour don’t worryabout videoing or taking to many pictures buy their DVD of your trip so you canenjoy the trip without looking through your camera view finder.  It costsalot but everyone says it’s worth it.  The very best Hawaii helicopterrides are in Kauai but Maui and Molokai are good too and you can do one tripthat does both Maui and Molokai

Blue Hawaii is one of thebest

For two way communication withpilot and not so pricey try Alex Air has been having a two for one discount so check out the coupon booksfound in front of most shopping areas before booking and keep in mind when youcall direct ask if they have a direct booking discount because they are nothaving to pay a concierge fee.

For a different type of experiencethat is truly memorable go fly over Hana in an Ultralight!  As far as Loren is concerned this is theUltimateArmin has been ultralightflying Maui for over 20 years and offers a powered 2 man Ultralight Trikeflight over Hana that I highly recommend.  tell Armin Loren sent you. Or ifyou prefer gliding in an enclosed cockpit look into both operate from Hana Airport

2: Diving and Snorkeling:

Our home is located near some of the best diving andsnorkeling spots on Maui which can be accessed by shore or boat.  The Kihei Boat Ramp is located ½ mile fromthe house and is where scuba diving and snorkel boat excursions depart from.

Loren is a boat captain andscuba dive instructor with over 25 years of experience and has his own boat totake you out for a fun excursion on the water. Loren’s boat is the whiteEdgewater parked next door to the vacation house.  I can make myself available as a privatecaptain, dive instructor or snorkel guide for guests that stay at ourhome.  I have a private boat availablefor use for up to 8 guests (coast guard approved for 11). The boat  is the unsinkable design of the 25’ EdgewaterCenter Console with twin 150 horsepower Yahama outboards.  Donations depend on type of excursion with a$300 min for 2 hours and $100 an hour after that.  Dive gear is additional and can be providedfor up to 4 divers.  Or we can alsoexplore from shore as I guide you to good places for turtles and highlightlocal marine life.  Donation for shoreexcursions is $150 min for up to 2 hours. I would prefer weeks in advance notice but that doesn’t mean I can’t makemyself available on short notice.  Justcall Loren and Denise at 808 250-1208 or email us at

For private boat rental where youare the captain I recommend Sea Escapes twin hull boats 

Before you go on your dive orsnorkel trip it is worth visiting Maui's ocean aquarium  The Hawaiian islands do not have the soft coralssuch as sea fans and the colorful sponges found in the Caribbean so theunderwater experience may initially seem plain and rocky in comparison but theHawaiian islands are known for the many varieties of fish and endemic species(found only in Hawaii).  Visiting theaquarium is a great way to get familiar with the aquatic life you will see onyour excursions and helps you appreciate what you are seeing by being able torecognize what it is.  The aquarium islocated near Maalaea Harbor which is on your way to Lahaina about 15 minutesfrom the house.

A kayak snorkel tour is anotherway to experience the beautiful waters here and a chance for a unique whalewatching experience during whale season December – May if you get a luckyencounter. is one of the many kayak operators in Kihei.  If you would like Loren to take you it willcost a bit more than a commercial operation but very personal with over 25years as a dive and snorkel instructor Loren can provide you a truly uniqueexperience if he is available just call us 808 250-1208 or


If Loren is not availablehere are dive operators I recommend:

You can book on one of the 12passenger boats out of Kihei Boat Ramp departing 1/2 mile fromour house.  Makena Coast Charters 808 874-1273 is a company I used to work for soask for a direct booking discount, tell them Loren sent you.  They also provide one of the best discountsfor a dive boat if you have the Entertainment coupon book there is a 25% offcoupon for this company in there.  MikeSeverns, 808 879-6596 www.mikesevernsdiving.comis very professional and provide unique instructionabout the marine environment before you dive. Ed Robinson 808 879-3584 boats are personal and professional. has one the newest twin hull boats that provides a stableride that  launches from Kihei boat rampand they provide a personal non rushed type of an experience.  Other dive boats that depart from the Kiheiboat ramp are

For guided shore diving call Loren808 250-1208 not only can Loren share his wealth of Maui experience but he canoffer you a scooter dive to a not so known Manta Ray cleaning station. If Lorenis not available go with Shaka Doug Your local dive shop to rent gear is Maui Dreams 808 874-5332 


For shore diving from Maui’s westside including Lahaina and Kaanapali if Loren is not available call ExtendedHorizons at 808 667-0611 www.extendedhorizons.comLet them know Loren referred you and you want the direct booking discount.  They also provide daily 2 tank boat divingoff Lanai island where the famous Cathedral dives are located.

If we want to go fishing whoshould we call?  First call Loren at808 250-1208 if not available call Jim 808 281-7810 He is not a commercialoperator but very experienced .  His greenboat is across the street from the vacation house and you can arrange to keepsome of the fish you catch.  If hedoesn’t work out there are several commercial operators out of Maalaea Harbor. 

  For snorkeling Molikini:

Molikini Crater is a crescent shaped marine preservethat is one of the most popular snorkel and dive locations in Hawaii.  It is only a 15 + minute boat ride from KiheiBoat Ramp to Molikini crater and about twice that for boats departing from Maalaeaharbor.  Most boat trips leave early inthe morning and return before noon to avoid the island trade winds which canmake your boat ride choppy on the way back.

Snorkel boats leaving from Kiheiboat ramp include Seafire with Captain Don 808 879-2201 808879-7238


For snorkel only (no diving)Molokini and sunset cruises on a very nice catamaran is Kai Kanani Charters 808879-7218 They beach launch in front of the Makena Beach and GolfResort formally known as the Maui Prince in Makena which is just a few minutesaway from our home.  They also provide anearly morning snorkel departure to Molokini great for families from the eastcoast that are up and at em at sunrise.

There is a large selection of boatsleaving from Maalaea Harbor just 15 minutes from the house most include whalewatching tours Dec – May and SNUBA diving from a 10’ air hose some of the boatswe have enjoyed are the Lani Kai other popularboats include www.sailtrilogy.com4winds and Maui Magic at www.mauicharters.comand onthe Aqua Adventure which is a dedicated Snorkel/Snuba boat.


Whale Watching:

Humpback whales come down fromAlaska to breed and give birth mid December to beginning of May.  The best month could be considered Februaryas they are usually all here by then. They come down as kind of a holiday to play with their yearlings, mateand give birth for the ones that mated the previous year in the warm Hawaiianwaters.  Maui is the most popular areafor them to come but they also go to the other islands.  Gestation for the female is approximately 12months. After birth the baby, which can be 1.5 tons 10-16’ long, will feed offthe mothers milk for ½ the year and will be escorted by the mother and othersback to Alaska to eventually learn to feed during the summer on small schoolingfish and rich banquets of plankton or krill that is so unique to the Alaskanwaters.  While they are in Maui they donot do much feeding, if any.  Humpbackwhales are toothless they have baleen that catches thousands of microscopicshrimp like plankton.  One of the waysthey do this is by making large bubble rings and then swimming up thru the ringwith there mouths open trapping hundreds of gallons of water with there expandablemouth.    It’s incredible to see themlaunch themselves out of the water, all 40 + feet and up to 60 tons, called abreach.  There are all other kinds ofshenanigans going on including tail slapping, pectoral fin slaps, spy hopswhere just their head pops up to check out the scenery or if your real lucky aspeed run where males compete for the attention of a female.  While snorkeling listen for there beautifulsinging sometimes so loud you could swear there right next to you.  Going on a whale watching tour allows you toget out on the water and feel the massive beauty of these animals.  Keep in mind close up pictures on brochurescan be deceiving as the law does not allow a boat to approach a whale within a hundredyards.  But sometimes the boat gets luckyand they approach you!

Although we prefer the smallermore personalized boats Pacific Whale Foundation has a number of boats andexcursion options 808 249-8811  They offer large stabletwin hull vessels that depart from Maalaea Harbor approx. 15 minutes North ofKihei.  If your not here during whaleseason we think it’s worth a trip back to Maui just for this unique experiencenot found to many places in the world.

For diving Lanai:

Lanai has the chance to seedolphins and some unique swim thru archways and caverns.  Some of the most popular and most beautifulare dives called 1st and 2nd Cathedral.  Check on weather conditions before youbook.  Its best to depart from Lahaina sothe boat ride is not so long.  Irecommend Extended Horizons 808 667-0611  for great personalservice.  I used to work for Eric Steinthe owner it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a direct booking discount and tell themyour staying at our vacation house. Lanai can also be accessed through private charter with Loren 808250-1208.


3: Luau:  A luau lets you feel a Hawaiian experience and isgreat to do with the whole family.

 I would recommend the OldLahaina Luau 808 667-1998. Although this Luau is a good 45 minute drive to Lahaina you can use theopportunity to show up early and visit this old historic whaling town with itsnot to be missed waterfront stores. Also highly recommended is The Feast atLele which is amore expensive but has great food.  TheLuau at the Hyatt Kaanapali called Drums of the Pacific is also known forits good food 808 667-4727.  Takeadvantage of your time in Kaanapali by going early and walking the boardwalkalong the beach and visiting some of the resorts and shops in this Maui resorthaven.


For Luau's close to our house goto resorts in Wailea- all of the ones mentioned are outside, weatherpermitting.

Makena Beach and Golf Resort (formally the MauiPrince)

Grand Wailea which has a new format and is gettinggreat reviews.

Wailea Marriot



4: Drive to Hana:

This is an allday experience I recommend you start early. This driving trip is all about the exploring on the way to Hana and theincredible views that require you to stop and maybe hike to appreciate. Keep in mind this is for people who don’t get car sick and like to drive andexplore.  Maui is known for its incredible diversity. Driving to differentparts of the island help you appreciate this. The very best way to do this tripis to drive to Hana and spend the night which gives you the time to exploreseven sacred pools and surrounding hikes on the next day.  For locationsto stay in Hana check out the book Maui Revealed or go online at

We have a guide book and drive along CD thatnarrates things to see as you drive to Hana that is available at ourhouse.  Do not do the the drive without a guide book or CD otherwise youwill drive right past some of the most beautiful spots never knowing it waseven there.

If you are only interested in visiting the sevensacred pools state park and the 2 mile hike and view one of the largestwaterfalls on Maui than consider driving the 'back way' to Hana.  Meaning drive up as if going to Haleakalaheading past Kula toward Hana.  This is abeautiful drive with unique scenery and a faster way to get to the seven sacredpools.  Stop by Maui's wine tasting and select a couple bottles of wine or champagne onlyfound on Maui.  Be prepared for unpavedone lane driving on a portion of this drive. If you want to stay and camp check out  for info on campingMaui.


If you don’t want to drive it yourself consider atour guide.

Valley Isle Excursions 808 661-8687


If the drive to Hana seems a bit too much and youdon’t have the time to spend all day than consider the ½ day + drivearound the West Maui Mountains. This is a unique not so known drivebut be prepared for very narrow one car only sections.  You can enjoy Lahaina as part of this trip.


Haleakala and UpCountry Maui

A drive trip through Up Country Maui is trulywonderful and is one of the few places on earth you can go through somany environmental zones in just a few hours.  At the top of themountain/crater is Haleakala State Park which is very special.  When the weather is clear there are breathtakingviews of Maui’s largest volcano.  The island of Manhattan could fit insideits crater rim.  The beautifuldrive to Haleakala Crater is worth the drive even if you’re not going to beable to have time to explore the crater itself. We often combine this drive trip with a visit toMaui's old winery and mini history museum and cheese tasting at the SurfingGoat Dairy Farm www.surfinggoatdairy.comand Maui’s own vodka distillery that gives tours just down the street from thefarm


Common Questionsregarding Haleakala

Q:  Is the sunrise trip worth it?

A:  It can be…but wethink its overrated…wake up at 3 am freeze your buns off (its below 40 upthere, I know hard to believe) while you wait to watch what’s the equivalent ofan overrated sunset or be clouded in with no sunrise at all…it must also besaid that many visitors and locals alike really enjoy it after all how manyplaces can you go to see the sunrise 10,000 ft up at a place that means ‘houseof the sun’ but please be sure to bring warm/warm clothes or you will bemiserable.  If you don’t feel like wakingup so early than consider a sunset trip, at least you will have an idea of whatthe weather will be like before you start.



Q  How about riding down Haleakala on abicycle?  (Loren’s version)

A  This may be a lotof fun and truly a once in a lifetime experience but read to the end.  You get to watch the sunrise and than ridedown on a bicycle made for braking downhill safely to sea level thousands offeet below you.  Sounds adventurous whichit is…don’t try it if your not totally comfortable riding a bicycle.  Recently the park has stopped allowing thetour from the very top due to accidents. You will be riding right along steep drop offs with views that areincredible. There is no bike lane; you are riding in the street with on comingtraffic and possibly a Van behind blocking faster traffic behind you.  Now on the other hand if you’re a bicyclingenthusiast you might end up a little frustrated due to the guide determiningthe pace and restrictive rules based on the weakest rider. You may be ridingbehind the slowest person in the group which trust me can be really slow.   It is likely you will be scolded if you ridein any type of fun fashion such as riding beside your buddy to talk you muststay at a safe distance behind the rider in front of you and the rules go onand on.  Loren found it a bit toostrict…but there is a reason for this…people get seriously injured every yearfrom doing this ride.  If you don’t wantyour hand held the whole way…ask if they provide guided but unsupervised ridingthat allows you to ride at your own pace.


5: Go to beach soak up the sun and enjoysome of the snorkeling on your own.

My favorite beach is Big Beach at Makena StatePark.  We also really enjoy the not soknown Keawekapu Beach which is walking distance from house.  We like the North side of this beach in theafternoon the Mana Kai resort blocks the trade winds and there are bathroomsand a nice general store for sandwiches and drinks.

For snorkeling try Ulua Beach which is close tothe house, the reef to explore is on the right side as you face the ocean. 

Either side of the Grand Wailea Beach Resort canbe good; the south end has the most reef which is the left side as you face theocean.  Keep your eye out for turtlesnear any rock/coral outcropping. 

One of our favorite walks and agreat way to check out the beaches close to the house is to start at KamaoleIII state beach, straight down Keonekai Rd. from house, and walk south along apath that takes you on the sand and through unique walkways in front of themajor resorts of Wailea all the way to the Fairmont Kea Lani in Makena!  Stop and explore the many resorts on the wayand then take a taxi back.  If your readyfor lunch and an Irish beer after your walk go up from the Fairmont hotel tothe sports pub Mulligan's on the blue golf course of Wailea.  This is one of Loren's favorite lunch spots.


Regarding Hawaiian sea turtles andreef etiquette:

Maui turtles our federally protected. You usually will see green sea turtles on your snorkel excursions.  They are called green sea turtles becausetheir meat is green when freshly cut open. If you get to see a hawksbill turtle you are very lucky as there areonly a couple hundred (maybe less) left on the islands.  A hawksbill turtle has a sharper hawk likehooked beak on the front of its mouth.  Youare not to harass any sea turtle in any way.  Because of this protection it is likely youwill be able to see them while you snorkel and approach closely as long as youdo so slowly while respecting the turtles space.  Keep in mind they must come up to breath sodon’t hover above them.  They can staydown for hours if asleep but usually only are down 15 to 30 minutes during theday.  When they are resting on thesurface you can approach from the side fairly closely but the big nono istouching a turtle and god forbid holding on to one!  Touching a turtle is a federal offense andcan result in fines and imprisonment. Sounds like I am going overboard here but keep in mind there arehundreds of thousands of snorkelers every year all wanting to get up close andpersonal.  It doesn’t take muchimagination to consider the impact this makes on the animals and the reef.  The other big nono is standing on the reef,even if it seems like only rock.  Coralpolyps get crushed when touched and are very slow growing.  Even if there does not seem to be coral whereyour standing you will be with other plant and animal life so please what everyou do don’t stand on the reef or let your fins touch.  Many Mahalo’s.  If you get a cut accidentally brushing upagainst the reef it is important that you use antiseptic on the wound to avoidinfection. Loren recommends 'triple antibiotic ointment found in any grocerystore.  It does not matter the brand aslong as it says 'triple antibiotic'.

Hopefully that gets you a good start on what to see and do but Maui has somuch more than what we have just mentioned. A great TV station dedicated to things to do on the island is Channel 7check it out on our big plasma TV’s.


    Maui isknown for its great shops and restaurants!

For shopping don’t miss Shops ofWailea for some amazing displays of true artisans, very pricey though.  Also downtown Lahaina is not to be missed for walking the streets andenjoying the shops and great restaurants and bars.  My favoriterestaurant/bar in Lahaina is Kimo's on the water.


For grocery shopping.  Tryto load up at Costco near the airport on your arrival.  Alsoin Kahalui near the airport is Whole Foods which is very poplar some peoplehave nick named it 'whole paycheck.' Safeway in Kihei has it all/almost and isopen 24 hours.  Make sure you get aSafeway card before paying your bill this will save you a great deal of moneyand they hand them out right at the checkout counter. .  Just down the street from Safeway toward theocean is Longs Drug Store whichis your second best place to buy alcohol that you did not get at Costco. Also there is Times Market near Longs which is large like Safeway and is alsoopen 24 hours.  The closest grocery storeto the house is Foodland on lower Kihei Rd near the big humpback whalestatue.  Make sure you get their discountcard called the Maikai Card which is handed out at the checkout stand. ABCstores as well as Whaler's Village General Store are good for fun islandtrinkets.  The local tent kiosks on the side of road are your chance toget unique island made stuff.  And the Swap Meet in Kahului on Satmornings till 12:00 has the very best selection of island stuff from localartists. For best selection arrive early 7 am.


What is the best restaurant on the island?

This is surely a loaded question one of the best thingsabout Maui are the restaurants!  Thatsaid if we had to pick one it might be Mama’sFish House 808 579-8488.  It is located on the other side of the islandpast the town of Paia.  It may beconsidered one to the best dinners but it is by far one of the most expensivemenus.  The setting is one of the mostbeautiful anywhere and the food and service is usually impeccable.  Several day advance reservations arerequired; if not weeks…if dinner isn’t working for you and you’re in thearea…stop by for lunch or early bird dinner specials/appetizers and soak in theatmosphere…we just love it.

If you can’t get a reservation at Mama’s check out Milogrosin Paia.  This is our favorite Mexicanrestaurant with fresh everything. Definitely ask for the special of the day but everything on the menu isgood and one of the best happy hours 3-7 with $3 dollar margaritas and draftbeer if you sit inside.  This smallrestaurant also has one the best tequila menus on the island.


Our favorite restaurants in Kihei are:

- Sensei’sSushi and Seafood is also excellent ask what the chef’s special is, its likelyyou will be able to try something you have never had before! Certain days ofthe week can have early bird specials with ½ off sushi! Come Early the line toget in can start an hour before they open.

- There are several excellent seafood restaurantsat Maalaea Harbor North of Kihei about 15 minutes from our house.  We enjoyBeach Bums bar and grill for casual dining and great pulled pork.

- Sorrento’s On the Beach/Water, walking distance from our house, experienceexceptional service while you watch one of Maui's incredible sunsets...can bepricey. They have recently opened up for Breakfast with great eggsbenedict and crapes…what a beautiful place to be at the beach in a nicerestaurant as the stand-up paddle boarders enjoy the calm morning water.  This is now one of our favorite breakfastspots..ask the waiter for their specials and what the chef of that day is knownfor.

- Five Palms onthe water at the Mana Kai resort walking distance from house.  We like to get the early bird specials takingadvantage of the happy hour sushi bar discounts or an appetizer, soak up theview and order our favorite tropical drink…mai tai!

- TommyBahamas at the Shops of Wailea has all around cuisine…a bitpricey.  Good Mohito's but no view in ashopping complex.

- Fred'sis close to the house; don’t miss out on Taco Tuesday with fish taco specials,and as with many of the establishments, great beer on tap.  It’s a fun Mexican flair restaurantwith happy hour specials, our favorite drinks there are the horny grandmamargarita (watch out) and Loren gets the Dos Equis amber on tap.  Lately Fred’s has had a great buy one get onefree breakfast special. Just grab the activities book at the entrance and findthe coupon inside.  Present it to thewaitress before you order.

- For breakfast our hands down favorite is Gannon'sformally Sea Watch at the gold golf course in Wailea, incredible views, greatprices, we go for eggs benedict and spicy tall bloody mary's with extraolives...mmm mm

- Loren also frequents Kihei Café next to the 76 station in central Kihei.  Kihei Café has large portion breakfast at agreat price sitting is outside along lower Kihei rd.  Walk in and order than find your seat.

- Loren's favorite lunch is at the Irish Pub Mulligan's On The Blue golf course inWailea, great view, good drinks.  Loren orders Corn beef and cabbage orthe Reuben sandwich.  Denise's favorite is Shepard’s pie. Now open from2pm on.

- Café Oleon top of the narrow Rainbow Mall close to the house near Denny’s has greatlunch and dinner and the prices are reasonable. Look for the fish special and plate lunch special.  Denise favorite, if not the fish special, iscrab club.  They also serve sushi atdinner time.


Maui is known for its incredible restaurants sodon’t just rely on our list.  Part of the fun is finding your ownfavorite. The resorts may be a bit pricey but likely you will have a verymemorable dining experience at most of the restaurants at the major resorts inWailea or Kaanapali plus its fun to go early and walk the incredibly wellmaintained grounds.  If you don’t decide to actually have a dinner at oneof the high end resorts than at least treat yourself to a cocktail.  Don’t forget to ask what the bartender’sspecial is.  You just might walk out witha new favorite drink only found in Hawaii!

Bars and Happy HourSpecials

Foodland grocery store is also across from what the localscall the bar triangle…it’s not a triangle shape and their more than 3 bars andrestaurants but the triangle is the happening bar area in South Kihei.  Although there are great family restaurantsin this area, later at night there is a bit of the young crowd local flair withlocal bands playing later in the evening. This area is known for bars to come and go so don’t be surprised if abar is mentioned here and its no longer in operation…its fun to hop from placeto place and the taxi fare is not bad since it’s close to the house.  For a very relaxed bar environment Deniselikes the $6 carafe mai tai (a real value) and $5 lunch specials at Life’s ABeach across from Foodland in the triangle area.  Three’s Bar and Grill popular restaurant withgreat happy hour check out their fish tacos. Moose’s which is the restaurant above Fred’s has great views andgreat happy hour and is the place to get fish tacos on Tuesday and avoid thelong line at Fred’s below. Fred’salso has the best breakfast deal on this side of the island buy one breakfastget one free with the coupon in Maui Weekly.  Take Ohina to Keonekai go left to the beachturn right on lower Kihei Rd and it’s the first restaurants you see on theright.  Between 4 and 7 pm is usuallyhappy hour for most restaurants.

Here are a few other places wefrequent:

Want it quick but don’t want typical fast food?  MauiTacos has everything fresh and at a great price! They have a small eatingarea but we usually order to go.  It’slocated on lower Kihei Rd in south.  Someof the food trucks on Maui are a real treat-- Kinaole Grill truck in front ofKamaole I state beach.  Yes a food truck!Believe or not some of the best dishes you find including garlic shrimp, pulledpork and coconut shrimp for $12-$16 per plate. Most of the food trucks on Maui offer great food!


Ahh… you say you want localdishes made inexpensive, we have just the place, go to Da Kitchen on the right side, back area of the Rainbow Mall.  Goodburger on Maui?  The very bestburgers voted # 1 every year is found in Lahaina called Cool Cats.  There is also Burgers In Paradise at The Shops of Wailea.  There whole business is burgers and greatatmosphere.  Manoli’s Pizza across fromthe Shops of Wailai is known for it’s burger and pizza.  There are other great restaurants hereincluding Tommy Bahamas and Longhis and Ruth Chis steak house.  Wednesday evening’s The Shops Of Wailea have music and artisan shows. (A word ofcaution the window shopping on your way in and out of The Shops Of Wailea mightmake that $50 lunch for two turn into a skies the limit shopping spree so becareful J)

Want to have a pizza? Our favorite is PizzaMadness next to Maui Dive Shop on Lower South Kihei Rd in mid Kihei nearLipoa St..  One of our favorite things toorder is the anti pasta salad!  MonkeyPod has great Pizza and incredible bartenders Denise’s favorite drink there isthe Lilikoi Martini.  Another of ourfavorites is Round Table’s MauiZaui…pizza with a Hawaiian twist.  Theydeliver 808 874-8485.


          General Q’s

Where is the houselocated in the scheme of things?

Our house is located on the South portion of the island inthe town of Kihei (Kee hay).  We arelocated in South Kihei.  Further to theSouth is the resort area of Wailea (Why lay ah).  South of Wailea is Makena (Ma ken ah) withits beautiful beaches.  Wailea and Makenaare only a few minutes away.  All of thisside of the island faces the West and is considered the leeward side.  The airport and the town of Paia (Pie ee ah)and Hana (Hon ah) are on the windward side which typically has rougher seas. 

As you look at the ocean from the top deck of our house youare viewing the island of Lanai.  (lanigh)To the left as you face the ocean is Wailea to the right is Maalaea (Ma ahlye ah) and than Lahaina (La hi nah ) which is called the West side.  Maalaea is about 15 minutes away and Lahainais 40 minutes to and hour depending on traffic. The mountains you see to your right are called West Maui Mountains.  The huge mountain behind our house isHaleakala (Ha lee aka lah) Crater which you can drive to the top of 10,000 feethigh.  Maui is called the Valley Islebecause of the valley between these two mountains which is mostly sugar canecrops.  You passed through this valley toget to our house from the airport.

As you face the ocean the stores and restaurants of Kiheiare to the right of you heading to the North. There are two roads that run to North Kihei - upper Piilani Hwy behindyou and probably the road you used to get to the house from the airport andlower South Kihei Rd that runs along the ocean. Lower Kihei Rd is what you use to see everything and drive at a slowpace.  Upper Piilani Hwy (only goes 40mph) is the faster way to get from one end of town to the other.

Maps are provided in almost all the tourist brochures andmagazines that are free of charge at the front of most shopping areas.  There are also great coupons in thesebooks so check them out before you go shopping or book activities.  If spend your time searching you can oftenfind ½ off specials (buy one get one free).

What is the bestGuide Book?

Maui Revealed isthe best in our opinion and is provided at our house but if you want to planahead, because there is so much to learn and do, we recommend you purchase onebefore your vacation. Go to  There are many other specialty booksdepending on your interests such as hiking etc. Check out Maui Dive Shop’s free Maui Dive and Surf Magazine for greattips and maps.

What’s the cheapestway to book activities?

First take a quick look in thetourist brochures and magazines located at the front of most shopping areas forcoupons.  Also you can call direct andask for their direct booking discount. But by far the cheapest activities are when you agree to go to atimeshare presentation.  This is how itworks with almost every activities booking agency on Maui.  They are there to provide activities at adiscount.  The way they do this is byconvincing you to go to a timeshare presentation; there are many to choosefrom.  In Maui these presentations cansave in hundreds of dollars when you book activities which the timeshare paysfor.  This is why you will probably findthe best prices through an activities booking agent because almost all of themare there to encourage you to view a timeshare. The reason people go this route is because of the savings on youractivities which can be substantial but keep in mind it may be valuable timeaway from your vacation.  Even if youdecide not to do a timeshare presentation they can usually provide pricescheaper than the rack rate because of the special incentives given from thevendors for large volume. 

Do I need to rent acar?

In one word…YES  The island has so much to offer even a fewmiles from our home…Look online for very reasonable rates by the week.  We recommend you have a rental car for yourentire stay.  We recently heard of anunadvertised special at you can rent an older car cheap. Where can you rent a car if you are under 25.  www.allsavecarrental.comlocated in Kihei.

Is it worth renting amoped or Harley for the day?

One of the best things about Maui is all the variety it hasto offer.  It is definitely an island todrive and explore.  Scenery changes,outer island views change and are discovered as you drive around theisland.  If you don’t mind driving andexploring you’re going to be in for a treat. Driving on a 2 wheel vehicle whether it is a bicycle, moped, or motorcycleis a bit of a different story.  Sincethere are so many people visiting taking in the sights and everybody crossingthe streets to get to the beach or their hotel… you get the picture it can behazardous on a two wheel vehicle.  Ouronly suggestion is if you decide to do these…be slow and careful.  We love to rent a Harley for the weekend andgo for a ride but we know the effort it takes to try to always drivesafely.  There has been a rise inmotorcycle deaths and serious moped injuries in the last few years because ofthe high risk that is inherent to driving a 2 wheel vehicle on the island. Soif you’re on two wheels be extra safe. Mopeds are allowed to use the bike lane and most moped accidents happenfrom a car driver turning into a driveway while the moped driver is passingtraffic in the bike lane…This is a recipe for disaster. We have had friendswith serious injuries from riding in this fashion.  With regards to mopeds our advice is to neverdrive faster than ongoing traffic even if you can get away doing so in the bikelane and make sure you provide enough braking distance as a car can usuallystop much faster.

Where are the bestbeaches?

The closest beach from the house, and not so known, is Keawakapubeach.  Mornings are best especially inthe summer when trade winds pick up in the afternoon and the beach sand maysand blast you.

To get there from the house take Alaume St. to Ohina St turnright immediately turn left on Aukahi St. That dead ends into Kauhale St. turn left.  That dead ends into Kilohana Dr.  turn right. Just before it dead ends into Lower Kihei Rd. parking is on left.  Walk across Lower Kihei Rd. and go right topublic pathway to beach.

A great grass park and beautiful sand beach with lava rocksjutting out, one of our favorites, is Kamaole III state beach and park straightdown Keonekai Rd. from house.  This iswhere we like to play bocce ball on the grass park.  Call Denise cell at 808 250-1208 if the bocceball set is not at the house and we will drop it off for you.

Other favorite beaches of ours is Big Beach at Makena StatePark which has got soft deep sand and the water is usually nice forswimming.  Be careful if there is largesurf. Even the small waves can sweep you off your feet and give you a goodpounding due to the waves breaking in shallow water.  One of the best views of any beach is a topthe point to the North of big beach, all the way to the right as you face thewater…if you don’t mind a little rock ascent to the point the view istremendous, great for photos.  Littlebeach is on the other side of this point and is swimming suit optional.  Another beach we enjoy is Po'olenalena orWhite Rock just past the Fairmont Kai Lani resort. You will notice in the guestcomment section everyone loves going to Po'olenalena Beach. Perfect for theentire family and easy access to your car.

  Below issome more great info about Maui from our dear friends Amos and Shari:

Aloha: Everyone has heard theword "aloha" but many don't understand the meaning of the word. Fewrealize there is much more to the word than how Hawaiians say hello andgood-bye. Literally, there are many more definitions to the word: Love,compassion, pity, charity, kindness, and lover to name a few. Distilled,"aloha" is the good spirit of the people. The positive spirit. Whenyou see local bumper stickers that ask, "Got Aloha?" or read,"Live Aloha," it's not a tourist gimmick as some think. It's a pleafor people to live by the Golden Rule.

Crime: Maui has a very low crime rate. Like anywhere, there are a fewbad guys running around. The main crime against tourists is breaking into theirparked cars. Common sense will keep most people out trouble. If you must leaveyour car in an unpopulated area, don't leave any valuables in it.

Thereare many languages and dialects on the Hawaiian Islands. This is truly amelting pot of cultures, races, and languages. The one common language toLocals is called Pidgin. This is a mix of Hawaiian, English, and languages ofmany of the other peoples that have settled here over the years. It came fromthe need for all of these people to communicate in one language. When you hearLocals talking in a way you can't understand, they are probably talking inPidgin. While Pidgin may be impossible for a visitor to learn during a shortvisit, there are a few Hawaiian words that will be useful to understand andpronounce properly. Your first step may be to learn the proper pronunciationfor the name of hotel or condo where you are staying as well as the town it isin. You may be asked this often as you rent things or book activities. Learningit isn't necessary but it will help things go smoother and make you a more"informed" tourist.

Somecommon words used here:
Aloha - Love, compassion, pity, charity, kindness, and lover to name afew. Distilled, "aloha" is the good spirit of the people. Thepositive spirit. When you see local bumper stickers that ask, "GotAloha?" or read, "Live Aloha," it's not a tourist gimmick assome think. It's a plea for people to live by the Golden Rule.
Mahalo - Thank you
Makai - Toward the sea (as in directions)
Mauka - Toward the inland (as in directions)
Haole (how-lee) - White or Caucasian person
Pupus - Snacks or appetizers
Pau (pow)- Finished, done for the day
Keiki (kay-kee)- Child or children
Kiawe (kee-ah-vee) - Thorny tree from Australia found on many beaches
Ono - Delicious, tasty, savory. also a type of fish
Hale (Ha-lay)- House or building



Drivingon Maui is a little different than most other places. There are no freeways onthe island and 55 mph is that fastest speed limit. Most speed limits are slowerthan you would expect so watch them close. You will also notice that cars tendto pull out in front of you often. It may seem like they are not giving you enoughtime to stop safely, but before you cuss and blow your horn, take a look at thespeed limit and your speedometer. You are likely driving too fast. Horns aredecidedly uncool on Maui. Obviously, if you are in a parking lot and someone isbacking into you, you need to let them know. But no matter how wrong someone isin traffic, blasting your horn to let them know what you think is frowned upon.Remember the "Aloha Spirit" and relax. You are on vacation and shouldleave the stress behind. You'll notice "most" drivers will leaveplenty of space between cars in traffic. Please do the same. Local police doset up drunk driver checkpoints on a random basis for the safety of everyone onthe island. To avoid tickets or accidents, take a cab if you plan to be outdrinking. If you will attend a luau, remember there will be an open bar. Forthis reason, It’s always advised to those who drink to attend a luau that isclose to where you are staying so you can take a cab home if you have nodesignated driver with you. Most of Maui's highways have bicycle lanes andthere are lots of bike riders. To avoid a ticket or a tragedy, stay within yourlane. Especially when going around curves.

PerformingArts: Music and Theater
The island performing art scene is small compared to the fine art one, butlocals definitely give it their best effort. The Maui Symphony Orchestra andChorus perform often throughout the year in venues large and small. They fly inguest artists from Honolulu and the mainland for all major events, including analways well-attended Handles Messiah at Christmas time. Voice, music and dancetraining are encouraged somewhat in Maui’s youth, and there are a number ofevents that give young artists a chance to shine. Not to be outdone, the olderwould-be artistes have organized several performing arts organizations thatstage various shows throughout the year. The “Iao” Theater is the home of MauiCommunity Theater, a local company that presents several shows yearly. The MauiAcademy of Performing Arts is a school and a troupe, performing when and whereit can. Surprisingly, the Baldwin Theater Guild (of Baldwin High School)receives some of the largest audiences on the entire island, packing in thecrowds for spirited performances of music theater classics. The newest show tohit Maui is wowing the crowds and winning the hearts of critics and locals.Called “Ulalena”, it is performed nightly in the grandiose new Myth & MagicTheater. Activity brokers enthusiastically compare it to the famous Cirque duSoleil. While people who have seen Cirque can find no comparison (except thatboth choreographers are from Quebec,) the show is inarguably the biggesttheatrical spectacle ever to hit Maui. It uses dance, music, theater and amulti-million dollar lighting system to tell the story of Maui’s creation.

Concert Halls
When major acts come to Maui (which actually happens more often than one mightthink,) there is really only one place for them to perform: the Maui Art andCultural Center. The outdoor amphitheater has a maximum capacity of 5,000--mostof the seating being on the lawn. It has hosted acts such as Santana and ZiggyMarley. Also in the MACC is the Castle Theater. Its perfect for big-namedancers, lecturers or vocal acts that need an indoor stage. Smaller acts canperform practically anywhere in Maui. Every major hotel has thousands of squarefeet of conference space, and the three major malls (Whalers Village, LahainaCannery and Ka'ahumanu Center) all have main stages which regularly host all kindsof entertainers.


Dining (check ifrestaurants mentioned are still in business)

Diningin Maui is overwhelming. There are seemingly hundreds of restaurants, eachbetter than the last, gracing every corner and nook on the island. Culinarystyles hail from around the world, and some styles are unique to Maui alone. Inone week--and in one town--a visitor can feast on Thai and French cuisine,fresh game and fresh fish, sandwiches, burritos, and of course, a few scoops ofridiculously decadent ice cream. Several "dining guides" or"activity magazines" claim to offer unbiased information, but nearlyall of them are advertisements. Large restaurants all publish partial menus inthese books, allowing tourists to make informed decisions about gourmet dining,while smaller ones rely on word-of-mouth or foot traffic to bring in thebusiness. No matter how long a visit to this island lasts, its impossible tovisit every place that sounds good.

Amidst the five-star hotels and designer boutiques of this famous resort, onecan find any number of fabulous restaurants. Most of them fall a bit short ofworld-class gastronomically, choosing to offer ambience and affordable pricesin lieu of top-tier culinary masterpieces. Old favorites such as Leilanis onthe Beach feature live music, drink specials and amazing views. The lovely HulaGrill can't be beat for ambience--and the fresh seafood wins local awards, ifnot international ones. If seafood and steak are beginning to seem unappealing,eateries such as Basil Tomatoes and the Sheratons pricy Japanese place, TeppanYaki Dan, offer tasty alternatives. Buffets are big business in Ka'anapali.Unlike the ones found in Las Vegas, they are quite expensive, and the selectionisn't as wide, but the quality of the food is much higher. The Westins Ko'AlaBarbecue & Seafood Buffet offers crab, fresh fish, sashimi and otherdelicacies. On the other end of the price spectrum, quick and cheap eats suchas Jonnys Burger Joint and Mr Sub provide some relief for an overworked creditcard.

Kahana,Kapalua, Napili:
Further along the coast the emphasis shifts from pleasing hungry crowds topleasing educated palates. The people who visit the coast of West Maui areusually honeymooners, golfers or other discerning tourists seeking privacy andquality. Restaurants in these areas, especially in ritzy Kapalua, often earnfour or five stars. Theres a cluster of good restaurants in the Kahana Gateway;namely Roys Nicolina, the Fish & Game Brewing Company and Rotisserie andfor family dining, Outback Steakhouse. Two of the finest restaurants in thestate of Hawai'i, the Plantation House and the Anuenue Room, are located inKapalua, on the tip of the Western coast. As far as nightlife goes, there isn'tmuch of it in any of these towns. All the hotels have cocktail lounges, oftenwith live music. The bar in the Brewpub is a good spot to relax over amicrobrew. Neighborhood favorites such as Dollies are popular at any time ofday or night.

Lahaina Town is Mauis undisputed dining and drinking hot spot. The towns layoutcan't be beat: All the best places are within a few short blocks of each other,meaning if one place isn't working, its easy to walk to another. The challengein Lahaina is simply deciding where to eat each meal; the choices are endless.Upscale restaurants range from first-class French, served at Gerards, to thecutting-edge Pacific Rim creations found at David Pauls Lahaina Grill or I'o.The Feast at Lele, presented on the beach outside Pacific'o, wins awards forthe best cuisine and entertainment in Maui. For exotic Asian cuisine, tryBamboo. Ruths Chris serves a great steak every time, while Longhis lobster issimply to die for. While not advertised as much, inexpensive options abound.Lahaina Coolers, a block down from Front Street, is popular with locals becauseof its food and its atmosphere. Cheeseburger in Paradise is a boisterous FrontStreet experience. For a slice of pizza and a glass of Budweiser, head down tothe Gabby's Pizzeria at the 505 Center, or try BJs Pizzeria a few blocks down.Each one of these places features live music most nights, and turns from adaytime restaurant to an after-hours bar. The most popular place for breakfastis Gazebos, but the wait can be outrageous. Compadres also serves a decentbreakfast, and Cheeseburger in Paradise recently introduced a breakfast menu,served from 8 a.m. For the tastiest cinnamon buns in town, one must head down afew blocks to Buns of Maui, in the Lahaina Center. At least once, it is absolutelycrucial to try an authentic local-style plate lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate.

The largely undeveloped harbor town of Ma'alaea, located between Kihei andLahaina, is developing a reputation among savvy tourists and affluent locals.

Safeway shopping area has some great places to eat including Ruby Tuesday andthere is Outback Steakhouse for the whole family.  Sensei’s for sushi and seafood specialties isone of our favorites in the Foodland shopping area.

The South Side equivalent of Ka'anapali boasts a wealth of fine diningoptions--and very little else. All of the hotels have at least two gourmetrestaurants; some have more. Standouts include Humuhumu (Hawaii’s state fish)at the Grand Wailea has unique water features, try the lamb. Nicks Fishmarketin the Kea Lani.  For Sunday Brunch, the MakenaBeach and Golf Resort puts on a fabulous spread. Less expensive options are fewand far between. Joes Bar & Grill, owned by the creators of the HailemaileGeneral Store, promises to become a favorite right away.

Its not always easy to figure out where to eat in Kahului. The town is spreadout, and except for the two major malls, restaurants aren't in any onelocation. Probably the best known restaurant in Kahului is Marcos, followed byKohos--the quintessential family restaurant. Many small eateries are scatteredthroughout Kahului, but they are not distinctive in any way. If you happen tobe in the neighborhood and are hungry, stop at any one of the locally ownedtaco shops, plate lunch stands or Thai places for a quick bite.

Surprisingly, though Wailuku is as local and un-beautiful of a town as Kahului,it has a number of excellent restaurants, mostly ethnic. If you can find yourway to either A Taste of Saigon or Saigon Café, you won't be disappointed.Saengs Thai is delicious and inexpensive--not to mention central.

Health food nuts should make Pa'ia their first, last and only stop for dining.The health-conscious restaurants far outnumber the unconcerned ones in thischarming little town. Whether you're enjoying enormous breakfasts at Charleys,vegetarian curry at Bangkok Thai, or perhaps packing a picnic lunch at--whereelse? Picnics--you're sure to get something delicious, fresh and healthful. Atdinnertime, the Pa'ia Fishmarket is a delicious and inexpensive option. Justoutside of Pa'ia one will find a true Maui legend, and a must-visit for anyself-respecting gourmand. This is Mamas Fish House. The cuisine, ambience andservice are legendary--and deservedly so. A meal here is an unforgettableexperience.

Makawao, Kula, Pukalani:
There are only a few destination restaurants in rural Upcountry Maui. On theroad to Haleakala there are two standouts: the Hali'imaile General Store andthe Kula Lodge. In Makawao Town, theres only one place to go for night timeentertainment: the famous Casanovas. If its more of a peaceful occasion, makereservations at the Makawao Steak House. Last (but not least) is the HanaRestaurant. It is more than a two hour drive from Pa'ia or Kula, but for peoplewho happen to be in that part of the rainforest, its not one to miss.Restaurants on Maui change constantly. The booming economy and optimisticattitudes of restaurateurs make the island dining scene entertaining, diverse,and very hard to keep up with! At the time of this article, several restaurantsare planning to open, while several others are planning--more quietly--to closethe doors. Dining in Maui is only as much of a science as you make it. Ifyou're just looking for a good time, a quick bite, or a pretty meal, trust yourown judgement.

Inthe Beginning
Approximately five million years ago, an undersea eruption created two volcanicmountains, Mauna Kahalawai and Haleakala. Mauna Kahalawai, now an extinct volcano,became the rugged West Maui Mountains. Majestic 10,023-foot Haleakala, meaning"house of the sun," last erupted in 1790 and is now considered adormant volcano. Centuries of lava flows and erosion created an isthmus betweenthe two mountains. This vale composed of rich volcanic soil gave Maui thenickname "Valley Isle." According to ancient legend, the Hawai'ianislands were created by Maui, the "god of a thousand tricks," whopulled the islands from the ocean with his magic fishhook. This mythical demigodalso lassoed the sun god "La" from atop Haleakala, releasing it onlyafter it promised to move slowly through the sky, thus providing abundantdaylight and warmth for the islands. Maui County, now four islands, wasoriginally one land mass called "Maui-Nui." During the polar ice age,the glaciers thawed and the oceans swelled to separate the mountain peaks intothe islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kaho'olawe.

The First Settlers
According to legend, Hawai'i-loa and eight navigating seafarers from theMarquesa islands, 2,000 miles to the south, discovered the Hawai'ian islands inthe eighth century A.D. The first inhabitants developed a simple agrarianculture, growing taro plant and grinding the root into their food staple, poi.They also built canoes and fished, constructed grass huts for dwelling, erectedcrude stone temples and wove tapa cloth. Around the twelfth century A.D, theTahitians arrived in Maui. They were led by chiefs who became the ali'i, theHawai'ian ruling class. The Tahitians established the "kapu" system,the rigid social order that became the foundation of ancient Hawaiian culture.Additionally, they introduced their religion with its many goddesses. Haleki'iand Pihana, two archeological sites in the Iao Valley, are religious structuresbuilt by Tahitian ali'i. The full name of Pihana is actually Pihanakalani,meaning "a gathering place of the ali'i." For several centuries,warfare raged among competing ali'i on Maui and between chieftains from theneighboring islands of Oahu and Hawai'i. In 1550 AD the Ali'i Pi'ilani unifiedall the Maui districts, and after he died his two sons battled for control ofthe island. With the help of warriors from Hawai'i, Kiha-a-pi'ilani prevailedto become the supreme ruler of Maui.

Maui Becomes Part of the Monarchy
During the late 1700s, Kamehameha I, ruler of the big island Hawai'i, invadedthe adjacent islands to establish the Hawaiian Kingdom. One of his armies, ledby Kalani'opu'u, attacked Maui in 1776. He was soundly defeated by the warriorsof King Kahekili, who surprised the invaders by hiding behind the sand dunes atMaalaea Bay. However, in 1790, Kamehameha I invaded Maui once again, this timewith a fleet of war canoes so large it is alleged to have filled the bay fromHana to Kahului. Kamehameha finally conquered Maui in the brutal battle ofWailuku, where after two days of intense fighting he unleashed a cannonoperated by two European soldiers. The Maui army, commanded by Kalanikapule(King Kahekilis son), was forced to retreat into Iao Valley, where they triedto escape by scaling the steep cliffs. This historic battle is now known asKauwaupali ("clawed off the cliff") and Kepaniwai ("the dammingof the waters"). In 1802 Kamehameha I built the "brick palace"in Lahaina, where he lived for a year.

The Influx of Westerners
The British explorer Captain James Cook landed in Kahului Bay on November 26,1778, an event that began the influx of Western influence. French explorerCaptain Jean-Francois La Pérouse, the first Westerner to settle on Maui,established a village in 1786. Probably the most significant influence was thatof the Christian missionaries, who founded the first mission under ReverendRichards in Lahaina in 1823. In 1824 Kaahumanu, Mauis regent under KamehamehaII, issued a code of laws based on the Ten Commandments. During this time,whaling had begun to boom in Lahaina, a development that swiftly introducedsome of the more unsavory Western elements to the port town. A riot broke outin 1825 when a law was passed prohibiting the sale of alcohol. Whalers attackedthe Richards' home, but were unsuccessful in squelching the Christian presence.Meanwhile, the missionaries established their instrumental role in educatingthe local population. Since the Hawaiians had no written language, themissionaries developed a written language based on a twelve-letter alphabet.The Lahainaluna Mission School was opened in 1831 and a seminary for girls wasfounded in 1836. In 1835, the governor of Maui ordered all children over fourto attend school. Missionaries taught reading, writing and Bible studies inHawaiian, and by 1850, Hawaii had the worlds highest literacy rate!Unfortunately, the Westerners also brought diseases that over the next centurywould obliterate the native Hawaiian population. Viruses such as measles thatwere endemic in Westerners had a devastating effect on the previously unexposedHawaiians. Soon the ratio of Hawaiians to immigrants began to drasticallydecrease.

 Commercial Growth and the Advent of Tourism
As Western traders and seafarers flocked to Maui, commercial growth expanded.Lahaina became a major port during the whaling era, and by the 1840s, hundredsof ships anchored there. Merchants, prostitutes, saloons, and gamblingestablishments prospered, although tensions between the whalers andmissionaries created social unrest. The discovery of oil in 1850 signified thedecline of whaling. Agriculture also flourished because of foreign influence.In 1828, Kamehameha III built the first sugar mill in Maui, a water-poweredmill designed by two Chinese technicians. George Wilfong, an entrepreneurialwhaler, established Maui’s first sugar plantation in Hana. During 1853-1854, asmallpox epidemic killed many native Hawaiians, resulting in a depleted workforce. Immigrants from China, Japan, the Philippines, and even Europe flockedto Maui to work in the sugar cane fields. American businessmen began to investin pineapple and sugar plantations, and in 1875 negotiated a reciprocity treatywith the governor of Maui to protect their investments. The expansion offoreign power and influence ultimately led to the overthrow of the Hawaiianmonarchy in 1893. In 1894, American pineapple tycoon Dole became the governorof the Republic of Hawaii, which was annexed to the United States in 1898 andmade a U.S. territory in 1890. During the early 1900s, Japanese immigrationswelled; Mauis population was forty percent Japanese by 1925. The Americanmilitary presence in Hawaii was also expanding during this time, and the U.S.Navy established its Pacific headquarters in Pearl Harbor. The opening of thePioneer Hotel in 1901 signaled the beginning of tourism in Lahaina. VisitorsMark Twain and Robert Lewis Stevenson praised Maui, and Lahaina became avacation hot spot for the rich and famous. After World War II, sugar productiondeclined and tourism experienced phenomenal growth. Mauis first resort hotel,Hotel Hana, was opened in 1946. After Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959,investment capitol poured in for development of vacation resorts. Kaanapali,dubbed the worlds first "master planned resort," and site of suchmega-resorts as the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel and the Hyatt Regency, was built in1961, followed by the development of the Ritz Carlton and Kapalua Bay resortsin West Maui. In the 1970s, sunny South Maui, with its great snorkeling beachesand constant sunshine, was discovered. Over the next few years, several plushresorts and championship golf courses were developed in Wailea. The Maui Princebeing the latest resort, now called Makena Beach and Golf Resort which is thelast resort heading South.

Hope this helps, we look forward to your visit toMaui and hope you get to experience the wonderful Aloha spirit so unique to theislands. 


Ok now is your chance to give your input and helpeveryone that comes behind you that is willing to read these helpful tips.  Write what you and your group found specialand or exciting and if you found some of these recommendations not as youthought please let us know!  Your inputis so much appreciated and valued so feel free to write on this and make notesas you go.

 Mahalo,Loren and Denise808 250-1208

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